Big Whale, Tiny House

Exterior view of Katy & David's tiny house in construction.

Background and Project Challenge: Marine wildlife research in the Arctic and sub-Arctic presents scientists with a host of contradictions: meaningful work in a remote location; beautiful landscapes in a grueling environment; long periods of uneventfulness punctuated with sudden movements from unpredictable wild animals. Wildlife biologists Katy Gavrilchuk and David Gaspard have grown accustomed to these […]

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For Immediate Release: Milwaukee Public Schools Adopt Innovative Roof Drainage System, Extend Life of School Buildings

Atlanta, GA — March 21, 2017 — Atlas Roofing Corporation is celebrating its successful and ongoing partnership of more than 20 years with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Throughout their relationship, Atlas and MPS have repaired, replaced and maintained more than 200 roofs across the school system’s expansive and historic network of buildings. Using the Atlas […]

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Milwaukee Public Schools Adopt Innovative Roof Drainage System, Extend Life of School Buildings

Milwaukee Public Schools Maintenance Team on Roof

Milwaukee Public School System partners with Atlas Roofing Corporation and local contractors to design innovative drainage system, extending roof lives to 30+ years. Background and Project Challenge: When Dennis Fula took over responsibility of the Milwaukee Public School System’s (MPS) roof maintenance over twenty years ago, many of the schools were under threat of closure […]

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For Immediate Release: Atlas Introduces Two New Products to the Commercial Polyiso Market to Meet New Model Energy Codes

Atlanta, GA — June 30, 2016 — Atlas Roofing Corporation is proud to announce an expansion of its product line to serve the demand for high efficiency commercial wall systems. EnergyShield® CGF Pro and EnergyShield® Ply Pro are the newest members of the company’s commercial polyiso wall insulation line. EnergyShield CGF Pro, glass faced polyiso insulation for commercial […]

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